Our Favorite Puppy Products – Frankie’s Favorites

From safety gates and dog create to chew toys and treats, see our favorite puppy products

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Hello, fellow pup parents!

Getting a new puppy is so exciting – you’ve made the choice to add a new member to your family.

Bring on the puppy kisses!

In this post, we’ll be sharing our top favorite puppy products with you.

We recently adopted a Frug (Frenchie pug – french bulldog mixed with a pug), and after not having a puppy in quite some time, we found ourselves having to research and try out products to see what we liked and worked best for our puppy.

We used all of these puppy products in our home, so you can rest assured that they’ve been tried and tested by our family and sweet Frug puppy, Frankie…

*This post contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are our own, as always. 

Our Favorite Puppy Products

Here are the direct links to our favorite puppy finds…

Wooden crate end table | Crinkly toys (no stuffing) | Power bite treats | Door training bells | Padded winter jacketSafety gate (white with black spindles) | Durable Dog Bed | Nylabone toy | Calming Hemp Supplement | Puppy teething sticks | Purina Pro Plan Puppy

Details On Our Favorite Products For Puppies

Frankie loves crinkly toys – these have two squeakers in them, one in the tails, and one in the heads.

He loves to shake them in his mouth back and forth while playing!

The power bite treats are in the shape of flowers – we like to break these small treats up even smaller (into thirds) and use them as training treats for potty training, commands, etc. since our Frug, Frankie loves them so much.

Check out this list of dog treats to avoid
We used these door training bells with our pup who passed a couple of years back, and it was a great way for them to let us know they needed to go outside to potty (or play).

We’re still working on training Frankie to use these, but they’re hung up on both the front door and back door and are great training tools.

Frankie’s padded winter jacket is perfect for keeping him warm during the chilly months here in the Midwest.

His jacket slides over his front paws to cover his chest and sides and zips up along his back. His jacket has double D-ring hooks for a secure leash attachment.

We love the quality, and he enjoys being warmer in the snow!

Our safety gate is 144 inches wide and made up of 6 panels with a swing open door – perfect for guarding the Christmas tree or blocking off a doorway to keep our Frenchie Pug safe.

We replaced our dog’s crate pad with this durable dog bed, made with reinforced fabric and seams, and is completely machine-washable.

This nylabone is our dog’s absolute favorite toy – he loves to tug on the fabric part and chew on the bone part.

You can also freeze this toy before giving it to your pup to help soothe teething gums!

At night, after some tug-o-war and playtime, we give Frankie one of these calming hemp supplements to help calm him down.

He seems to sleep a little better through the night in his crate after eating one, and he loves the taste.

These puppy teething sticks help satisfy our puppy’s urge to chew, help relieve teething pain, and have added DHA for brain development.

Purina Pro Plan Puppy food – this is what our vet recommended to us, and Frankie seems to love eating it!

Do you own any of these? What are your favorite puppy products? Let us know in the comments below!

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