Gotcha Day Gifts – Perfect Dog Gifts For Your Dog’s Adoption Anniversary

Find the perfect Gotcha Day Gifts for the amazing pup in your life, and celebrate the day you adopted them…

What Is Gotcha Day?

Gotcha Day celebrates the anniversary of the day you and your family adopted your dog!

This day is especially important to celebrate for dog owners if the birth date of your pup is unknown.

Much like a birthday., Gotcha Day for your pup is a day to celebrate them and spoil them for the day.

And if they are already spoiled, then they’ll be twice-spoiled on their Gotcha Day!

Gotcha Day is different for each dog, depending on the day they were adopted.

What Should I Get My Dog For Gotcha Day?

For your dog, plan to get something special!

Here are some ideas you can get or make for your sweet pup this year…

  • a personalized collar
  • new toys
  • their favorite treat
  • homemade dog treats (here are some easy recipes to try!)
  • a trip to their favorite place

Below, I’m sharing some of our top picks for Gotcha Day gifts…

*This post contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are my own, as always. 

Gotcha Day Gifts Your Dog Will Love

| Dog Cookies | All-Natural Banana Split Flavored Treats  | Snuffle Mat | Naturally Shed Elk Antlers | “White Paw” Squeaker Toys | Pink Dog BlanketGotcha Day Bandana | Dog Treat Camera & DispenserPawprint Keepsake Kit (not just for Christmas!) | Dog Treat Maker | Dog Puzzle Toy | Dog Lick Mats | Gotcha Day Chalkboard Sign | Beer-Themed Squeaker Toys | Wishbone Chew Toy | Taco Dog Toy |Customized Dog Collar |

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