Is A Frug A Good Dog? What Frug Dog Owners Have To Say…

Is a frug a good dog? Hear what real frug dog owners have to say…

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The french bulldog and pug mix (known as the Frug or Frenchie Pug) is an adorable, loving, playful, silly, and cuddly breed.

But with every breed, there are pros and cons.

If you’re thinking of adopting a Frug in the future, you should hear from real Frug owners to see what they say.

Researching a breed online is nice (after all, I’m happy to have you here), but no one can tell you about the breed of dog you’re thinking about adopting better than a group of people who currently own one.

These dog owners own adult Frugs and are sharing some details about their fur babies, including…

  • likes and dislikes
  • their personality and temperament
  • favorite toys
  • if they’re good with kids or families

If you have other questions about the breed, please let us know in the comments below!

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What Owners Have To Say About Whether Frugs Are Good Dogs


“This is Beatrix. She’s a cuddle monster. She loves her bunny stuffed animal and flavored nylabones. She sleeps with us and is with us all day, as we work from home. She goes to doggie daycare twice a week to work out the puppy energy. We adore her!” – Christina


“My name is Pablo, Binky, Mooshie, Puppa, and What’s in your mouth now? Not that I answer to my name anyway. I love being with my humans, sleeping, zoomies, and food. Human snacks are the best. I love cheese but my favourite thing to eat is ice cream. I hate all hard chew toys and birds. The vacuum is my arch-nemesis. I love anyone who pays me attention, old or young. I’m spoilt rotten, the world revolves around me. I’m my mum’s world even if she says I’m a whole different level of special.” – Bernadette


“This is Queenie, she’s eleven weeks old now. She is full of personality, she’s extremely playful and loving as well as very intelligent. She can already sit and give her paw, she has been coming to me when I call her name from the day I bought her home. She adores my small grandchildren who are aged from 18 months up to 9 years old and she formed close friendships with my two cats almost immediately.
She got into her routine within a couple of days and is very contented. She loves cuddles and sitting on laps but we’ve had to work on settling her to sleep in her bed as she was very clingy, this is decreasing nicely now and she’s getting used to not being with me all the time. If I had two words for her they would be bonkers and adorable.” -Sam


“This is 5-year-old Olly (6 on Boxing Day) aka Mr. Oliver, olly bol, olla, bolly boos, Mr fruggy wuggy.

I am the biggest sun worshiper you will meet, I recently lost my big brother Archie the cocker spaniel and I was very sad for a while until my new little brother Oscar the jug came along who I didn’t really like at first but now I love, although I don’t enjoy to play very much but I love to clean him and lick his ears. I love to go for walks with my dog walker even though at first I wouldn’t leave the garden with her as I was scared 🙁 I am very protective of my house and will bark at anyone who comes in or passes even though I am very friendly. I don’t enjoy toys but I do love my blankey and I like to sit on the arm of the sofa like a little loaf of bread.

He is my little baby – very clingy and loves to cuddle even if he can’t sit on my knee he will at least have his paw on my leg or shoulder.” – Charlie

Penny And Mia

“These are our 2 Frugs. 3/4 Frenchie 1/4 Pug. We also have 4 cats and were worried about how they would all get along… They play and chase together and the younger cats especially seem to like playing with the puppies, the older ones will occasionally…Penny and Mia have both been great with young children.

My friend brought over her 6-month-old and they were gentle and just wanted to give him kisses. They are very cuddly and sweet, incredibly intelligent, and stubborn hehe. They are amazing dogs and we couldn’t be happier.” – Janell


“This is Frog, his Instagram is @frogthefrug, he’s the most amazing little guy ever, he’s incredibly gentle, loves naps, and cuddling with his mom, dad, and brother. His favorite part of the day is feeding time, he loves all treats and toys.

When we go to the doggie park all he wants to do is say hi to everyone.
He also loves kids and cats.” – Lina


This is the pup that inspired this blog – Frankie the Frug!
Frankie is a loving, playful frenchie pug. He loves flavored nylabones, hates peanut butter, and adores our three children (aged 1 to 11).
Our kids have a lot of energy, and he loves to play with them.
He is gentle, gives plenty of kisses, and likes to chew.


“This is Jack, 11 years old and just the sweetest boy. He is obsessed with squeaky tennis balls (we have to hide it in the freezer otherwise the game would never end), loves swimming, chasing squirrels, and will find any patch of sun to sunbathe in.” – Rachel

Check out his adorable Instagram page here!


snow the frug

“This is snow, she’s 4.5 months old. She has 2 sides to her personality she can either be an absolute lunatic (in the best way) or the other side is the most loveable and sweet girl ever, never leaves my side has to be near me and just wants love. She is potty trained to her turf mat on the deck because we live in a high rise, and is very good with not letting accidents happen.

She is also crate trained and sleeps peacefully in the crate every night till about 6am and then she’s ready to snuggle” – Abbi

Conclusion: Is A Frug A Good Dog?

We think so!

We hope hearing from real Frug owners has helped you to decide if the breed is right for you.

What other questions do you have about Frugs that we can answer? Let us know in the comments below.

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