10 Top Facts About Frugs (Commonly Asked Questions)

Thinking about getting a frug puppy? Read these top 10 facts about frugs before you adopt one!

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Frugs are such fun dogs to own!

We fell in love with ours – Frankie the Frug.

He’s so playful, sweet, and snuggly.

He actually inspired us to start this blog together and share more about the breed with others.

We did tons of research before adopting him, and I would recommend you do the same to make sure this mixed breed is right for you.

If you’re considering adopting one for yourself or your family, I have some answers to commonly asked questions…

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What Is A Frug?

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A Frug (also known as a Frenchie pug) is a small breed mix of a french bulldog and a pug.

Frugs are considered to be part of the toy group due to their size and are designer breeds.

They can have either the shirt curly tail from the pug parent or a short, stumpy tail from the French Bulldog parent.

Their ears differ from frug to frug as well and can be semi-relaxed (sticking up a little) or straight up like a traditional French Bulldog.

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How Much Do Frug Puppies Cost?

Frug puppies cost anywhere from $1000 up to $2500.

This will, of course, depend on the breeder and location.

Anything under $1000 for your new pup should raise some red flags unless you know the breeder personally.

As a real-world example, our pup Frankie was priced at $1995, but we were able to talk the breeder down to about $1700 since he was the last of the litter without many prospective families interested, and we had to drive 8 hours to get him.

If you happen to find a Frug for lower than $1000, be careful!

This breed is in high demand right now, so you may be adopting your new dog from a puppy mill.

How Long Do Frugs Live?

Frugs have a decently long lifespan of about 12-15 years.

You can make the most of your pup’s life by ensuring they get their heartworm and flea/tick prevention medication, as well as taking them in for regular checkups at the vet.

Are Frugs Active?

They are active – to a point.

Frugs are very playful dogs, but they aren’t marathon dogs.

You probably couldn’t count on them to run a 5k with you, but they’re great for romps in the yard with the kids!

After their first birthday, their energy level settles down a bit and they can become great snugglers and couch potatoes.

These sweet dogs are great for families that aren’t as active but still love to go outdoors from time to time.

Long walks and hikes may tire them out much quicker than other more active dogs.

How Big Do Frugs Get?

Adult frugs weigh about 25 lbs and are stocky, sturdy pups.

They stand at about 12-14 inches high.

Are Frugs Good Family Dogs?

Frugs are excellent family dogs.

They are silly, playful, and love to snuggle.

They love to play outside, lay on your lap for a nap, and chew on toys by your feet.

Personally, I can tell you that our frug loves to run around with our kids in the yard!

They aim to please, but can also have a mind of their own when left to their own devices as puppies.

Do Frugs Bark A Lot?

Frugs don’t really bark.

They tend to bark more when they are playing vs. when they hear a doorbell or strange sound.

This tendency to bark to heavily impacted by how well socialized they are as pups.

If this is a big concern for you and your lifestyle, be sure to ask your breeder how they socialize their puppies to ensure you don’t get one that startles easily. 

Are Frugs Hard To Train?

Frugs can be pretty stubborn.

But they aren’t impossible to train – they actually incredibly smart, and given the right training, can be well-trained listeners.

Start early with your Frug puppy – treat training works best!

Give them treats and praise them for each action you want them to repeat in the future, and refrain from using their name when reprimanding them.

They will associate their name with being disciplined and come to ignore you when you call them. 

Do Frugs Shed?

Frugs do shed, but not very much.

They are not hypoallergenic dogs.

They shed very little, and even with spending a lot of time earning their coach potato badge, the hair that they do shed is almost completely unnoticeable!

You most likely won’t even need a lint roller with how little these dogs shed.

Do Frugs Chew?

As puppies, Frugs are very curious dogs and love to chew on anything and everything within reach.

Be sure to clear your floor of toys, blankets, and extra items.

Stock up on chew toys and teething sticks for your pup so he always has something to satisfy the urge to chomp.

After his first birthday, his chewing should calm down a bit.

What other questions do have about Frugs aka Frenchie Pugs? Let me know in the comments below!

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