Welcome To Frug Life – Our Very First Post

Welcome to our blog, FrugLife.com!

We started this site as a way to help share dog training tips, dog favorites and treats, recipes geared towards dogs, and sharing more about the Frug breed.

We recently adopted our first Frug, Frankie, from an Amish farm in Ohio and have fallen so in love with him…

So for our very first post, we’ll be sharing his Gotcha Day story, and how we came to adopt him.

He is sweet beyond words, playful, smart, and snuggly.

Frankie is about 3/4 French Bulldog and 1/4 Pug with one blue eye and one brown eye (both work perfectly).

My husband, Christopher, really wanted a French Bulldog – but I wasn’t entirely sold on the breed.

I personally thought a Pug would fit our lifestyle best, and I’ve always thought they were so adorable!

But, Chris wasn’t sold on a Pug, either.

One day while researching breeds, I came across the Frug.

I had never heard of a Frug before, so I looked into the breed further only to discover that they are a mix of the two breeds our family had been looking at!

How perfect is that?

We also discovered they had very few, if any, health problems known.

That meant a great deal to us considering we have three kids that we know will want to enjoy our new pup for many years to come.

Of course, sometimes illness and health problems arise naturally – there’s no controlling that.

We looked online to see what Frugs looked like, how much they cost and researched deeper to see if it was truly the right breed for us.

Our search lasted months, and we ended up finding ourselves looking at online listings of Frugs in neighboring states.

And that’s when we landed on Frankie’s picture.

His two different eye colors caught my attention, and we decided to contact the breeder.

Frankie’s breeder told us about his personality – playful and sweet.

We were even able to get a video that night from the breeder showing Frankie playing with a toy and reacting to being petted.

Chris and I talked once more with the breeder that night, and asked to put a deposit down on Frankie.

The next morning, my husband hopped in his truck and drove four hours to Ohio to meet with the breeder and see Frankie in person (he went by a different name at that time, we gave him the name Frankie).

My husband said as soon as he met him, he knew this was the dog for our family.

The breeder did a wonderful job socializing, training, and raising Frankie and his siblings.

In fact, Frankie was the very last of his litter to get adopted.

He has his blue eye to thank for that.

As much as we loved and adored his blue eye, it scared off a lot of other people.

Even though it is just a genetic mutation on the French Bulldog side of his breed, many people blindly assume that that eye has or will have blindness in the future. 

See what I did there? 😉

Our vet was able to check him out, though, and assured us that both eyes were working properly.

It’s been a wonderful first week with our pup, and we are so over the moon!

Here are our three kids and Frankie the Frug, all together…

You might recognize these kiddos from my other blog, Slay At Home Mother.com. 

Have there been potty accidents on the carpet? Yep.

Has he been teething a bit on everything on the floor or within reach? Yep.

But that’s all normal puppy stuff, and it’s been great motivation to have the kiddos help us clean off the floor each day.

Apparently, the thought of Frankie chewing on their favorite toys is motivation enough to pick them up and put them away. 😉

We’ll be sharing more about Frankie the Frug here on Frug Life, and answering questions you have – be sure to leave your questions in the comments below!

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