Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions

Looking for the best dog ear cleaning solutions on the market? These are the top picks for 2022.

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Just like any other part of your pooch’s body, their ears need a good cleaning every so often, or it can lead to general discomfort or even health problems.

But which cleaners are safe? Can you make your own?

With so many options, it can be hard to figure out which option is right for your dog.

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Does Dog Ear Cleaning Prevent Infections?

Yes! Cleaning any buildup can in fact prevent ear infections. You’ll want to remove any dirt, waxy build-up, and moisture.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

This depends entirely on your dog’s breed and lifestyle. Some dogs may do just fine with a monthly cleaning, and others may need it every week.

Pay attention to the shape of the ear, how often your pet is swimming, and how often you notice buildup.

Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions 2022

Dechra EpiKlean Ear Cleaner

This brand cleans and dries your dog’s ears, which is great for any pooch with moisture issues and waxy buildup.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “With an ear-infection-prone golden retriever, we know to clean our dog’s ear’s any time she goes in the water. But the old Otic solution we used to use smelled so medicinal, she’d kind of reek the rest of the day. Last time we were at the vet, the vet tech was using this brand and I immediately ordered a bottle because it smells SO much better, now after we clean our pup’s ears it smells like she just had a bath!”

Dechra Ear Cleaner

Vets’ Best Ear Relief Wash Dry Kit

This brand is great for dogs with chronically smelly ears. It targets bacteria and fungal infections instead of simply covering up any smell.

It’s plant-based, soothing, and alcohol-free. The Amazon listing states the following:

  • IMMEDIATE RELIEF – Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash Cleaner for Dogs cleans and soothes raw, itchy, smelly, or greasy dog ears.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash uses a carefully formulated combination of natural ingredients, including witch hazel, chamomile, aloe vera, clove oil, and tea tree oil to help control unpleasant odor and itching.
  • AS NEEDED – May be used daily or as needed to clean ears and control wax build-up.
  • TOTAL CARE – Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash Cleaner is part of our complete treatment system for raw, itchy, and smelly dog ears. Use with Vet’s Best Dry Ear Relief.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Alcohol-free and non-stinging. Used to refill the Vet’s Best 4 oz ear cleaner wash.
Vet's Best Ear Cleaner

VetWELL Ear Cleaner

The VetWELL ear cleaner is recommended by veterinarians and is known for being soothing. It has aloe vera gel and other ingredients for immediate relief.

It’s available in cucumber melon scent or sweet pea vanilla scent.

A top reviewer on Amazon wrote, “My pup and I have had nothing but problems with her ears since I purchased her over three years ago. I have spent lots of money on vet bills and antibiotics. I feel like I had tried everything until my brother-in-law told me one of his friends recommended this product to him. I can’t say enough good things about our experience. I used it daily until brown particles stopped appearing in her outer ear after use, now i clean her ears twice a week. This product smells great but most importantly WORKS. I will never use anything else.”

VetWELL ear cleaner

Burt’s Bees Peppermint Ear Cleaner

The Burt’s Bees Peppermint Ear Cleaner is a gentle, non-toxic option that is great for dogs that are very sensitive to most products. It’s inexpensive and cruelty-free.

The Amazon listing says the following:

  • CLEANS AND SOOTHES DOG’S EARS — Burt’s Bees dog ear cleaner cleans, soothes, and removes excess moisture from your dog or puppy’s ears.
  • MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS — All-natural ingredients include witch hazel, which removes excess buildup, and peppermint oil, which soothes irritation.
  • EASY TO USE — Place the dog ear cleaner bottle at the entry of the ear canal and squeeze 2-4 drops inside. Gently massage ear and repeat twice weekly as needed.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS AND PUPPIES — This gentle ear cleaner is pH balanced especially for all dogs and puppies.
  • SAFE — Veterinarian-recommended formula, free of fragrances, sulfates, and colorants.
Burt's Bees Peppermint Ear Cleaner

Pet MD Veterinary Tris Flush

This affordable, over-the-counter dog ear cleaner is perfect for anyone on a budget. It gets the job done without putting too big of a dent in your pocketbook.

The formula is gentle and gets rid of any weird odors.

One Amazon review states, “Cleaned up the ears and took them from inflamed red to healthy light pink within a couple of days. Smell was not as overwhelming as other products. A trick for getting this into the ear is to saturate a cotton ball, get it on the ear, then squeeze the fluid into the ear. My dogs intensely dislike and struggle if I try to squirt direct from the bottle.”

Pet MD Veterinary Tris Flush

Learn how to clean your dog’s ears in this guide

FAQs about cleaning your dog’s ears

All you need to clean your dog’s ears is one of the solutions listed above, a towel or washcloth, and cotton balls.

Simply wipe the buildup with a gentle washcloth and warm water, and then use the cleaning solution according to the directions on the bottle.

According to PetCo, “Groomers often begin with medicated ear powder to dry out the wax. Next, they may use a tool called a hemostat—or tweezer-like device—to remove debris. They’ll usually choose the best dog ear cleaner for your pup’s breed and gently swab the ear canal.”

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*Post originally published July 2022, last updated February 2023.

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