TV For Dogs: What To Leave on TV For Your Dog

Should you leave your tv on for your dog? What channels and shows are best? Learn more about TV for dogs…

what to leave on tv for dogs

Picture this: after months of training, your puppy is still chewing on things when you leave the house, getting into the garbage and eating things they shouldn’t, and generally misbehaving.

Sound familiar?

This is a common problem for pet owners and can be signs of separation anxiety or distress.

Not to worry! You’re not alone.

In fact, it can take dogs months to break these habits, and sometimes it’s just their disposition.

Perhaps you’re simply worried about your pup being lonely while you’re away.

No matter your reason for searching for dog TV options, there are a few different stations and channels for your furry best friend!

dog watching tv

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FAQs about leaving the tv on for your dog

There is nothing harmful about dogs watching TV. It can be a very useful tool, especially when used in tandem with training and lots of exercise.

We don’t want a couch potato pup, but using TV as a fun experience or to combat separation anxiety is a great thing.

Yes! Subscribe to DogTV for a one-of-a-kind experience, or browse Youtube for stimulating and relaxing dog videos.

Not necessarily, but any animal documentary or show could potentially be a good fit.

Why Should You Leave The TV on For Your Dog?

Putting the TV on for your pet could be utilized as a boredom buster, or as a relaxing practice that puts your dog at ease and helps with loneliness or separation anxiety.

We all know that dogs can’t see as many colors as we do, but studies show that they are often drawn to sounds of praise, or things that pertain to their interest. Squirrels, going for walks, puppies playing, these things are all wildly entertaining for dogs.

Interestingly enough, according to The Wildest, “…on average, humans don’t see the flickering of a television when the speed is above 55 Hertz (Hz). But for dogs who have better motion perception, they’ve been tested on rates up to 75Hz. With televisions being displayed at 60Hz, we see this as a fluid motion, but dogs would see the television as a set of rapidly flickering images.”

Newer models of televisions mostly fix this issue and dogs see more fluid movement, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Where to Find TV For Your Dog


DogTV is scientifically formulated to alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs with a unique blend of stimulating and relaxing videos that expose them to sounds that might usually be triggering if they weren’t around it often.

Animal Planet

Depending on your dog, this might not be a good fit.

Some dogs find the commentary relaxing, while others are super engaged in watching the animals on screen.


Youtube has a ton of free videos your dog will love to watch!

You can find some of them below. Whether you’re looking for something fun and stimulating, or something to help lull your pup to sleep, you’re bound to find something on Youtube.

free puppy socialization checklist

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*Post originally published August 2022, last update February 2023.

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