How To Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

Learn how to teach your dog to roll over, and all the best tips and tricks to make it a painless process for you and your furry friend.

Among one of the best and most classic easy tricks to teach your dog is roll over.

It’s a cute and easy trick for your dog to pick up and can be accomplished in just a few training sessions most of the time.

Firstly, you’ll probably have an easier time if your dog already knows the “down” cue.

This can take some time but is generally considered a basic command. Your pup should know how to lie down in no time!

How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

Step 1: Have Your Dog Perform The “Down Position”

Command your dog to lie down. If they’re unfamiliar with this position, you can teach them fairly easily using positive reinforcement and training treats.

Check out my favorite training treats HERE!

Step 2: Kneel Beside Your Dog, Holding A Training Treat

Holding a training treat, get down on your dog’s level so they don’t feel intimidated.

Step 3: Move Your Hand with The Treat Over Their Shoulder

Show them the training treat by waving it past their nose, and continuing on over their shoulder, encouraging them to lay on their back and rollover.

Step 4: Praise Your Dog When They Lay on Their Back

Once your dog is getting the hang of rolling over on their back, reward them and start again.

Step 5: Add The Verbal Cue

Once your dog understands the hand gesture with the treat, add the verbal cue, “roll over.”

It shouldn’t take them long to correlate the verbal cue with the action they’ve learned.

Step 6: Stop Giving the Treat

Once your dog has performed the trick a few times, stop giving the treat and see if they truly understand the trick.

FAQs about teaching your dog to roll over

Yes, it’s possible, but it will likely take much longer.

Treats massively cut down on the amount of training time, since they know what they want and will follow your hand without much trouble in search of the scrumptious treat. If there is something else that your dog finds highly motivating, and that is practical, give it a try!

Rollover is most commonly introduced between 10-12 weeks old, and typically comes after “sit” and “lay down.”

No, so long as your dog doesn’t have any conditions or physical ailments. Be sure to check with your vet first.

Watch a video on training your dog to roll over below:

More Tips For Teaching Your Dog To Roll Over

  • If your dog keeps jumping or misunderstanding what you’re asking them to do, go back a few steps and solidify the basics. They want to please you, they likely just don’t understand the command being given.
  • If your dog doesn’t like being on their back, give them lots of belly rubs so they know they’re safe and loved.
  • Keep things positive and happy.
  • Keep training sessions under 10 minutes. Anything longer than that tends to get frustrating for you and for your pup.
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*Post originally published May 2022, last updated February 2023.

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