How Tight Should A Dog Collar Be?

Wondering how tight a dog collar should be? Learn how to size it correctly and make sure it’s not uncomfortable for your pup.

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Every dog needs a collar or a harness. If not for dog walks, then for holding their tags.

It’s fairly common for pet owners to misjudge the tightness and comfortability of their dog’s collar. Not to worry! It’s not complicated.

However, if you go too loose, your dog might be able to escape, and if it’s too tight, your dog might get a throat injury from the collar.

There are a few tricks for knowing when a collar is just right, that way your dog is safe and comfortable.

how tight should a dog collar be

How Tight Should A Dog Collar Be?

The 2 Finger Rule

The 2 finger rule is a good way to check that your dog’s collar is comfortably tight.

If you can stick 2 fingers in between the collar and your dog, it’s perfect!

As long as your fingers can slide in, even if it’s a little snug, the collar is typically good.

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Do Regular Collar Checks

Just like humans, your dog grows over time and their collar may become too tight. Especially if you’re dog is under 2 years old, you want to be sure to check their collar every 2 weeks or so.

Regular wear and tear, along with simply outgrowing their old collar may call for a new one.

Do the 2 finger test to see if the collar fits well still, and check to see if it’s still in good condition.

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How To Know If Your Dog’s Collar Is Too Tight?

Aside from doing regular checks, if you notice your dog pawing at their collar, or generally just looking uncomfortable, their collar may be the culprit.

To make sure the collar isn’t too loose, try to slip it upwards.

Even if it isn’t close to coming all the way off, too much sliding is a sign that it’s too loose. A collar that is too loose is a safety concern, as your pup can get caught on tree limbs, fences, and other things outside while playing.

FAQs about dog collars

If your fingers can’t get under the collar, it’s definitely too tight. Be sure to check your dog every so often, and also pay attention to whether or not they are pawing at the collar, or seem bothered by it.

Generally speaking, the answer is yes, but some dog owners choose to take it off periodically for more freedom and to give their dog space to scratch and move freely. The main reason it’s recommended to find a high quality collar that can be left on all of the time, is because you never know when your pet might accidentally run off or get lost, and it’s the easiest way for people to help reuinite pets to their rightful owners.

Yes, it’s okay for your dog to sleep with their collars on. A nicely fitted collar should be comfortable enough for your pup to wear all of the time.

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*Post originally published June 2022, last updated February 2023.

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